"Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them, humanity cannot survive."

-Dalai Lama

Compassionate action can take many forms: a smile at a stranger, a hug for a friend in need, letting a hurried mother jump ahead in line at a supermarket.

These small acts of kindness cost nothing and lead to a gentler, more compassionate world. Small deeds matter!  

At Slightly Buddha, we pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds for 2015 to Save The Children. Save the Children works to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in more than 120 countries worldwide, including the United States.

Where shall we donate in 2016 and beyond? Social Justice, Environmental Protection, Heathy Food, Animal Welfare, Education - There are many issues to tackle.  

As a customer, your opinion matters to us! Tell us what matters to you: contact us at and tell us what you think.