Our Story

Design that is fresh, playful and spirited

3 Things We Live By: Gratitude, Integrity and Compassion.


We are truly thankful for every order we get. It's very easy as a consumer to stick with what's tried and true. Ordering from a small business can be a leap of faith.  We appreciate our customers taking this leap and supporting a woman owned small business.  We wrap each order we receive like the gift that it is!   Slightly Buddha is the culmination of three great things: Yoga, Art, and Comfy Clothes.  It's amazing to be able to make fun designs that spread good vibes. Life Is Good! 


We offer great value to our customers: Our clothes will hold up well over time.  We look for fabric that will wear well and feel good after many washes. 
We have sustainability in mind: We do all of our printing and embroidery locally and are aiming to get more and more items made locally.  We use water based inks in our printing to minimize environmental impact and use recycled boxes and poly-mailers.  As time goes on and Slightly Buddha grows, we aim to merge sustainability, aesthetics and value as much as possible. 
We realize that successful businesses make customers satisfaction their top priority.  One of our core values is to ALWAYS do right by our customer.  Check our reviews to read about how our customers feel about their experience with us! 


At Slightly Buddha, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. 
However, we believe that compassion does not have to mean monetary gifting! Compassionate action can take many forms: A smile at a stranger, a hug for a friend in need, letting a hurried mother jump ahead in line at a supermarket.  These small acts of kindness cost nothing and lead to a gentler, more compassionate world.
Small deeds matter! 
Thank you so much for shopping with us : ) 
Jen Herrman


"Love and Compassion are necessities, not luxuries.  Without them, humanity cannot survive."

-Dalai Lama