About Mala Beads

Mala beads can be more than beautiful jewelry, they area gateway for personal peace, prayer and meditation.  If you haven't used mala beads before, don't be intimidated as they can be used by anyone AND they can simply be enjoyed as a decorative piece. Traditionally,  mala beads are used to keep count when reciting a mantra.

To count your mantras, hold your mala in your hand and turn each bead with your thumb and middle finger, making your way around the beads. Reaching the larger Guru bead at the end signifies a time for reflection.  A mantra may be a simple prayer or affirmation. 

Our Mala jewelry all contain 108 mala beads (plus one guru bead). Vedic Mathematicians view 108 as a number symbolizing the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. According to yogic tradition, there are 108 pithas (sacred sites) throughout India. And there are also 108 Upanishads (ancient sacred sanskrit texts) and 108 marma points (sacred places) of the body.