Keep Calm and Create Mala


This beautiful necklace is made of individually knotted naturally white and grey Howlite beads. 

About Howlite:  White Howlite is said to bring ideas into focus and is a stone of purity.  It is also recognized as a stone that can calm the mind and decease anger. Howlite is a great tool to have during meditation because helps focus the mind. Its promotes serenity and helps remove distracting thought. Howlite is often dyed other colors but we like it best in it's natural white and grey form. 

  •  It is 23" long including a 4" tassel.  
  • It's made up of 108 8 mm Howlite stones, a larger guru bead, and a white tassel. 
  • The necklace comes in drawstring bag, great for safekeeping when not being worn.